walls of memory/
lantern of light

Calgary Police & Firefighters Tribute Plaza

In this vast plaza is set an intimate space and a tower of light. Paired stone-clad walls protectively embrace a space of remembrance. Their exterior and more public faces are engraved with historical narratives, one wall for each service. The interior surfaces commemorate the individuals killed in service; small projections provide places to leave remembrances.

The space within the two walls is entered from beneath a delicate open ‘tower’ of steel and coloured glass. It’s paired steel legs a quiet reference to the two services and the support they provide society. Wrapped around this refined, ordered structure is a simple, pure sheath of luminous coloured glass, gradually becoming more open towards the sky. This light, glowing, translucent lantern marks the plaza as a place of memory, celebration and hope.

Landscape Consultants:
Scatcliff + Miller + Murray Inc. Landscape Architects