Public Art Recognition Award
City of North Vancouver

voyage refers to the nearby industrial waterfront of Lonsdale and reminds us that the water is close by.

voyage is an evocative installation of iconic components. A metal sphere has references to an astrolab, a navigational device, perhaps a child’s toy, a globe criss-crossed by lines of travel. Suspended within the sphere is an iconic vessel made of copper, poised in space, charting a path of discovery – pointing us to the water. The boat recalls a child’s folded paper boat, elegant yet whimsical. It is a metaphor for the journey we each make.

voyage, a child’s toy of ‘folded paper’ set within an image of the world, refers to a journey both physical and philosophical. It is both representational, and abstracted by its fragmentary quality, by scale, and by suggestions of myth. Voyage is whimsical, engaging, and refers to the familiar – a child can appreciate it, yet on another level, is a metaphor for how we find our place in the world.