Marina Park Skateboard/BMX Plaza,
City of Thunder Bay

The history of Thunder Bay – especially the industrial shipping heritage, but also the voyageurs – forms a reference point for reflections on ideas of vessel and voyage, on the journeys we each make. The artwork creates a space and an experience through which the viewer moves.

An abstracted, iconic form marks the skate plaza, and reminds us of the presence of Lake Superior. This elegant yet rustic sculptural steel form recalls an historic ocean-going boat under construction...or in decay. Curved steel ribs echo archival photos of vessels under construction. The ribs rise high above you, enclosing space, inviting the viewer to move through the artwork, directing your view to the water beyond. On each side, a horizontal platform, reminiscent of the old staging, is tied to the vertical ribs creates a play of line and form – and a place to sit within the sheltering form.