sliding edge

Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC

Georgia Straight’s 2004 Best of Vancouver: “Best New Poetically Inspired Waterfall”

sliding edge alludes to the always moving edge of the waterfront, the sea sliding in and out on the tides, the waves lapping, the shifting of the earth’s edge.

The walkways at the waterfalls are a minimalist evocation of the ocean shore and industrial life – a graphic composition of sliding lines, long narrow concrete pavers, stone slabs laid randomly like driftwood, and cast iron ‘sawblade’ tree grates. A waterfall of black rundle stone suggests the coal cliff of historic Coal Harbour. Standing on top of the waterfall, acting as our compass is an enigmatic figure looking north. He stands on a recessed honed plinth, as though the cliff has been eroded, revealing text through a moving film of water:

in the last of warmth / and the fading of brightness / on the sliding edge of the beating sea – Earle Birney