between the earth
& the sky/measuring
the immeasurable II & III

Bankers Hall, Calgary

a series of installations

Abstractions of the Alberta landscape – the rock of the mountains, the prairie earth, the expanse of the northern lights – are distilled into minimalist pieces.

measuring the immeasurable II
A contemplative figure stands on a rundle stone plinth, a reference to a section of prairie earth. He gazes at a numerical sketch, a fossil ammonite, and the eroded remains of a shell – expressions of the Fibonacci Series and the Golden Section, numerical and geometric descriptions of organic growth and progression. Together they form a play on order, harmony, time.

measuring the immeasurable III/

This artwork is a meditation on the permanent and the ephemeral. shifting sky is a section of the Alberta sky, an abstraction of the shifting colours of the northern lights. It is counterpointed by earthbound, a massive fossil ammonite.