between the earth
& the sky/measuring
the immeasurable I

Bankers Hall, Calgary

a series of installations

Abstractions of the Alberta landscape - the rock of the mountains, the prairie earth – are distilled into minimalist pieces. Precise geometric forms refer to conceptual and perceptual means of ordering and understanding the landscape. Counterpointing this, a series of ammonites, sensuous and abstracted by scale, reveal the inherent order in nature. We impose an order on nature, and nature imposes an order on us.

On the plaza is a mythic landscape: a cone of local rundle stone is a reference to the mountains; overscaled bronze ammonites a hidden landscape exposed. Standing on top, between earth and sky, are two bronze figures, back to back. Standing to the side, holding a fossil, is another figure – his gaze distracted by the view of the sky.

Landscape Consultants: Scatcliff + Miller + Murray Inc. Landscape Architects