mirrored earth

CASA Community Arts Centre, City of Lethbridge

The nearby coulees are a magnificent and defining landmark of Lethbridge, the dry valleys holding the memory of glacial melt water, an implied, alternate landscape. This landscape is abstracted in Mirrored Earth.

Mirrors form a pixellated landscape, capturing and refracting light, pattern, colour, abstracting the world around us, always shifting as the light changes, as people pass by, as you yourself move past the artwork.

Scattered mirrors react and move to the movement of passers-by, evoking the glimmer of sun on water, a flutter of rising birds, the way sunflowers follow the sun’s passage through the sky.

The artwork alludes to ideas about perception, about ways of seeing. The artwork becomes one of shifting imagery that gathers into itself partially abstracted references to sky and the world beyond, to darkness and light, to stillness and motion.